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Fraud is Everywhere: Are You Keeping Your Organization Safe?

Recent headlines reveal the scope of the problem

How great is the problem of internal fraud against organizations in Pennsylvania? Here are just a few headlines from within the last year or so:

  • Woman Sentenced to Prison for Embezzling $535,000 to Support Gambling Habit
  • Director of Perry County Family Center Charged With $220,000 Embezzlement
  • Former Church Treasurer Sentenced for $167,000 Embezzlement
  • Ex-Minister Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Embezzling $800K
  • Business Manager Embezzled $4.3 million from a Harrisburg Healthcare Facility
  • Company President Pleads Guilty in $100K Embezzlement Case
  • Former Rite Aid VP Pleads Guilty in $5.7M Kickback Scheme

The truth is, no one knows how much fraud is committed, because most goes undetected. But here are a few general rules:

  • Every business is at risk, especially those that assume they are not at risk
  • Perpetrators are usually highly trusted employees who have a personal motive management did not know about
  • Losses due to fraud can cripple a business, bankrupting its owners and putting its employees out of work
  • Hospitals, non-profits, churches, and for-profit corporations, no organization is immune

Don’t let this happen to your organization!

The only way to reduce your risk of becoming a victim is to take proactive steps to prevent and detect fraud. Michael Breon, President of Breon & Associates is a certified anti-fraud expert who can help your organization implement effective controls scaled to your operations.

How great is the risk of fraud to your business?

Which category does your organization fall into:

  • Small businesses — At serious risk because ownership relies heavily on key employees, trusts them too much and fails to put controls in place. Fortunately, there are effective, low-and-no cost safeguards ownership can implement.
  • Medium and growing businesses —At significant risk because controls may not be keeping pace with growth, and they may not have adopted a “people perspective” to reduce the threat from within. These businesses are especially vulnerable because a successful fraud scheme can bring the company down.
  • Large businesses — At a slightly lower risk because they have the resources to implement more robust controls, and because they can usually survive even an extensive fraud scheme. But risk remains. Controls are only as good as the people who execute them. Adopting a “people perspective” can further reduce the risk of fraud.

Whatever the size of your organization, Breon & Associates can provide the assistance you need to keep your organization safe from fraud.

Is “Deviant Workplace Behavior” Eroding Your Company Culture and Causing Preventable Losses?

Michael Breon reveals how your company can overcome seemingly intractable forces to enculturate ethics and protect your bottom line

Why do problems like sexual harassment and fraud persist despite aggressive efforts to counter them? In his white paper, Building an Ethical Corporate Culture to Mitigate Deviant Behavior and Prevent Fraud, Michael Breon explains why traditional approaches to these problems haven’t worked, and how taking a “people perspective” on these challenges can produce effective results.

The paper’s author, Michael Breon is an experienced CPA who is also a noted authority on fraud prevention. Mr. Breon is Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Breon & Associates offers this white paper free as a download for business owners who want to enjoy greater peace of mind and an improved bottom line.

Call today to discuss how Breon & Associates can help protect your organization

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