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Seasoned accountants Help Businesses and Individuals in Ephrata, PA

Professional accounting services throughout Lancaster County

Although mostly known for agriculture and tourism, Lancaster County, PA is home to more than 11,000 businesses. So, while visitors come for the quaint sight of horse-drawn Amish buggies, residents are increasingly making their livings in manufacturing, finance, and information technology. The movement to “flee the farm,” which caused steep declines in rural populations across the country beginning in the 1960s, has been reversed throughout Lancaster County, and small boroughs are seeing revitalizing growth. Ephrata, for example, recorded a 54 percent loss in population in the 1970 census. But the biblically named town has since been resurrected, regaining almost all of its losses as of the 1990 census, then recording an astonishing 85 percent increase by 2000. Yet, growth spurts can be fickle. Unless communities manage expansion wisely, gains can quickly evaporate. This is especially true when external forces put pressure on local economies, as we have seen recently.

At Breon and Associates, we understand the needs of small to medium-sized businesses in rural communities. With offices throughout the Keystone State, we bring high-level accounting expertise to startups, mom-and-pop shops, and multimillion dollar enterprises. We’re on a mission to share powerful knowledge that increases efficiency to enable steady, stable growth.

Seasoned accountants enhance the efficiency for business in Ephrata and vicinity

At Breon and Associates, our partners are credentialed experts in various aspects of business accounting. They’re also accomplished small business owners. Our passion is to help businesses optimize their processes to improve performance and achieve their goals. Towards this end, we offer a variety of services, which include:

  • Accounting — In business, so much depends on the accuracy of your company records. If you’re struggling, we can perform a thorough accounting cleanup, then set you on a straight path with a QuickBooks tutorial. If you prefer, we can assume some of your accounting tasks so you’re free to concentrate on business operations.
  • Tax services — Recently there have been many changes in tax code and more are on the way. Individuals and businesses need to understand how they will be impacted. Breon & Associates can help you save money with our taxation planning and tax preparation services.
  • Fraud and forensics — You work too hard to prosper, only to see profits walk out the door. If you have unexplainable losses, we can provide a detailed fraud risk assessment. Using advanced diagnostics with our FraudSeeker™ tool, we can locate the source of your problems. If we uncover evidence that you’ve already been defrauded, we can support an internal or criminal investigation and render capable litigation support.
  • Business services — Every organization, from startup to established company, can improve its processes to prevent wasteful losses. We can help you build a better business by implementing controls to pinpoint inefficiencies. We perform risk assessments in areas such as contract compliance and purchasing and explain how you can benefit from greater security.
  • Business valuation — If you are looking to buy or sell a business or perhaps going through a divorce and the business is considered a marital asset, you need to know what the business is worth. At Breon & Associates, our experienced accountants can provide you with an accurate assessment of your company’s value.
  • Corporate social responsibility — These days, there is widespread pressure for businesses to demonstrate good citizenship through practices and initiatives, or what has become known as Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. Breon & Associates can perform CSR audits for companies that have programs in place, and we provide a full range of consulting services for any business looking to up their game.

Whatever the size of your company and whatever your industry, you can rely on Breon & Associates to enhance efficiencies so you can reap additional rewards.

Knowledgeable accountants protect family land wealth for individual taxpayers in Ephrata, PA

Lancaster County farmland is among the richest in the world, but every farm operates on thin margins, and many come dangerously close to foreclosure every year. Families who’ve had farms for generations struggle mightily to pass on a legacy to their children. For many of these families, taxation is a huge obstacle. Breon & Associates can help you protect your family wealth through prudent taxation planning and individual tax preparation. We examine your financial records meticulously to deliver every possible advantage under state and federal tax law.

Let Breon & Associates protect your personal wealth and optimize your business efficiency

Breon & Associates provides highly professional and reliable accounting services for businesses and individuals in Ephrata and throughout Lancaster County. Call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.

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