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Formed on March 4, 1785 from part of Lancaster County, Dauphin County was named after the traditional title of the Prince of France. The Pennsylvania legislature, meeting in Philadelphia in 1785, voted for the name as a gesture of thanks to France for helping the United States win independence from Great Britain. However, the creation of the county actually preceded that of the prince, who was born more than three weeks later, on March 27. Unfortunately, due to the revolution that soon shattered the French monarchy, the Dauphin’s life would be short and unpleasant. His father, King Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793 and his mother, Queen Marie Antoinette, suffered the same fate on October 16. Royalists recognized the eight-year-old Dauphin as King Louis XVII, but could not provide much practical assistance. The boy, who had always been sickly, died at the age of 10 of tuberculosis exacerbated by harsh prison conditions.

Today, Dauphin County is home to numerous vibrant communities, including Harrisburg, the commonwealth’s capital and tenth largest city. More than a quarter of a million Dauphin County residents are engaged in various industries, including state government, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and education. Breon & Associates is headquartered in Harrisburg, and we assist businesses and individuals throughout Dauphin County with a wide range of highly professional accounting services.

Comprehensive business services for Dauphin County companies

Thanks in no small part to the state government in Harrisburg, Dauphin County has generally been recession proof, and the per capita income throughout the county is greater than the national and state averages. However, if you own and operate a business within Dauphin County, you’re always hoping to improve products and processes to maintain a competitive edge. At Breon & Associates, we provide the tools and services necessary to build a better business, including:

  • Accounting — Our accounting team is made up of accomplished small business owners with more than 20 years of experience. We tailor our help to your needs, with Quickbooks tutorials, accounting cleanups, and outsource services that include payroll. We can manage all your accounting needs.
  • Implementing controls — Our accountants help business owners pinpoint inefficiencies so they can correct sources of wasteful losses. We evaluate your processes for compliance, offer purchasing solutions and provide thorough risk assessments.
  • Financial statement and assurance services — Whether you are reporting to investors or applying for a line of credit, you must provide a financial overview of your company’s results. We provide the level of assurance your stakeholders need.
  • Fraud and forensics — If your business seems plagued with losses you can’t explain, the problem could be internal fraud. Ask us for a fraud risk assessment and how we use our FraudSeeker™ tool to narrow the search for sources of fraud. If fraud has already occurred, we can lead or support an internal investigation and provide robust litigation support.
  • Internal audit — When you need answers internal audit is a good place to start. Our team optimizes your internal audit department’s efforts with co-sourced solutions and resourcing. We also perform a variety of assessments to enable process improvements throughout your operations. Finally, we can help you manage niche audits, as well as, Sarbanes Oxley testing.
  • Tax services — There’s no reason to deplete your company resources by paying more than you must at tax time. Breon & Associates provides knowledgeable assistance with business taxation planning and business tax preparation. We even help individuals keep more of what they earn with personalized tax planning and preparation.

Wherever you do business within Dauphin County, Breon & Associates is ready to provide the quality accounting services you need to take your company to the next level or performance and profitability.

Breon & Associates helps Dauphin County residents enhance business efficiency and protect personal wealth

Breon & Associates provides highly professional and trustworthy accounting services for businesses and individuals throughout Dauphin County, PA. Call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact our Harrisburg office online to schedule an appointment.

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