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With a population hovering around 50,000 people, Harrisburg is only the 15th largest city in the Keystone State. But as the capital of the Commonwealth and the county seat of Dauphin County, Harrisburg is a hub of vibrant activity that enjoys outsized influence over the state’s economy. Every business incorporated in Pennsylvania has some ties to Harrisburg, but if your business is headquartered here, as ours is, you understand how important it is to operate efficiently and maintain precise records. At Breon & Associates, we understand that since Harrisburg is a relatively small community you have to keep your customers happy with every transaction, and the moment you start taking business relationships for granted, results start to slip. That’s why we go above and beyond to help our business clients go above and beyond, too.

Can our Harrisburg accounting firm really help you build a better business?

Because the state, county, local and even federal governments are among the area’s largest employers with more than 40,000 workers, the Harrisburg economy is pretty much recession proof. This is one of the reasons Harrisburg has been rated among the top 10 or 20 places to raise a family. But if your business doesn’t operate at peak efficiency, you could suffer your own personal recession. To prevent unnecessary losses and give your business the best chance at optimum success, Breon & Associates offers a variety of business accounting services, which include:

  • Accounting — In business there is no substitute for accurate record keeping. Our accounting team is comprised of seasoned accountants who are also accomplished business owners. You can tap into our accounting services in a variety of ways, from Quickbooks tutorials to a thorough accounting cleanup. You can outsource all your accounting needs to us or designate a particular task, such as payroll, to supplement your efforts.
  • Business services — When we talk about building a better business, we mean enhanced efficiency at every level. We show businesses at all stages, from start-up to mature operations, how to implement controls that pinpoint inefficiencies, so you can remedy wasteful losses. Specific areas of assistance include contract compliance, purchasing solutions and risk assessments.
  • Financial statement and assurance services — We provide audits, reviews, and compilations so stakeholders and other interested parties can have a detailed snapshot of your business operations. Accurate data makes business decisions easier for all concerned, so you can avoid pitfalls and maximize opportunities.
  • Fraud and forensics — Every successful business is at risk of fraud. We help keep your company safe with accurate business valuation, detailed fraud risk assessments, and advanced diagnostics using our FraudSeeker™ tool. If fraud has already occurred, we provide help with internal investigation as well as robust litigation support.
  • Internal audit — There’s no better way to know exactly what’s going on with your business that with an accurate internal audit. We provide co-sourced solutions and resourcing to optimize your internal audit department’s efforts. We provide internal control assessments and quality assessments that allow us to suggest process improvements. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to help with niche audits, as well as the complex aspects of Sarbanes Oxley testing.
  • Tax services — There is perhaps no greater waste of your time and company resources than an IRS audit due to poorly prepared taxes. Unless, of course, it’s paying too much in tax because of poor planning or a lack of understanding about changes in the law. At Breon & Associates, we provide a variety of taxation services which include business taxation planning and business tax preparation. We often assist business owners who operate a partnership, S-Corp or LLC whose income passes through to their individual income tax filings.

Whatever your business accounting needs, our professional team can provide the excellent service your company needs to achieve its goals.

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