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Lycoming County was formed from Northumberland County on April 13, 1795 and included most of north-central Pennsylvania. Originally dubbed Jefferson County in honor of Thomas Jefferson, who had authored the Declaration of Independence and would soon become the country’s third president, Lycoming was renamed for a 37-mile-long creek the Delaware people called Legani-hanne, meaning “sandy stream.” Lycoming Creek, which ran south into the Western Branch of the Susquehanna at Williamsport, had been an important transportation route for Native Americans and early white settlers.

More than 200 years later, the sandy stream still runs, but area residents rely more on pickups than canoes for transportation. The county has shrunk considerably, as a significant portion of its original territory contributed to the formation of 16 subsequent counties. And there have been other important changes, from the timber boom and bust of the 19th century to the current renaissance of oil and gas exploration in the Marcellus Shale formation. Through it all, Lycoming County has made quiet but profound contributions to American life: as a “station” along the Underground Railroad conveying escaped slaves to freedom, as the birthplace of Little League baseball, and as a supplier of manufactured goods used throughout the world.

At Breon & Associates, we’re proud to be a part of life in Lycoming County. We want our neighbors to succeed in their business pursuits and in their personal wealth management, and we’re here to help that happen.

Wide ranging accounting & advisory services for Lycoming County businesses

At Breon & Assocates, we speak often of helping our clients build better businesses. The ways we do that include:

  • Accounting — Accurate record keeping lets you know exactly what’s going on in your business. Our team of seasoned accountants are also accomplished small business owners. We can give you a Quickbooks tutorial or perform a thorough accounting cleanup. We can take on particular tasks, like payroll, or handle all your accounting through an outsourcing agreement.
  • Business services — Our savvy professionals assist companies at every stage, from start-up to mature operations. We show you how to implement controls that uncover inefficiencies, so you can prevent wasteful losses. The specific areas we address most often include contract compliance, purchasing solutions and risk assessments.
  • Financial statement and assurance services — Without accurate business data, management can’t make informed business decisions, nor can your company attract investors or obtain lines of credit. Our team assists with audits, reviews, and compilations so you can avoid miscues and maximize opportunities.
  • Fraud and forensics — Every successful company faces jeopardy due to fraud. Our team of antifraud specialists provides accurate business valuations, detailed fraud risk assessments, and advanced diagnostics using our FraudSeeker™ tool. We also perform or assist internal investigations and provide litigation support.
  • Internal audit — We provide internal control assessments and quality assessments that enable process improvements. We can perform your audits or work alongside your company’s auditors, especially on niche audits and requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley testing.
  • Tax services — There’s no escaping business taxes, but with precise tax planning and knowledgeable tax preparation, you can reduce your exposure and lighten your burden. At Breon & Associates, we are fully up-to-date on the sweeping changes in the U.S. Tax Code. We even assist business owners who operate an S-Corp or LLC, whose income passes through to their individual income tax filings.

Breon & Associates is ready to help your business reach greater levels of efficiency so you can achieve your goals.

Breon & Associates helps Lycoming County residents build better businesses and protect personal wealth

Breon & Associates provides highly professional and trustworthy accounting services for businesses and individuals throughout Lycoming County, PA. Call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.

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