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Harrisburg Accountants Serve Clients in the Transportation and Warehousing Sector

Dedicated accounting professionals help businesses achieve optimum efficiency

Businesses in the transportation and warehousing industry went through some very lean years during the Great Recession, but have rebounded nicely with the revived economy and increased consumer demand for goods. If your business is in this sector, you can look forward to continued growth over the next few years, according to industry projections. However, this might be time to ask whether your business processes place you in a position to take maximum advantage of the opportunities presented by a rising economy.

Breon & Associates has extensive experience working with companies engaged in transportation and warehousing. We understand your risk exposure, especially with regards to fraud and liability, which is substantial. Our highly trained and knowledgeable accountants are also certified experts in fraud prevention. We have the knowledge and experience to help you identify and correct issues that could be draining your resources, so you can enjoy greater profitability.

Essential accounting services for the transportation and warehousing industry

Breon & Associates has extensive experience working within the transportation and warehousing industry to provide these necessary services:

  • Accounting and accounting cleanup — Without well-kept books that accurately report earnings and cash flow, your business could be paralyzed. If your accounting has gotten a little messy, our skilled professionals are ready to help. We also provide other accounting solutions such as outsourced accounting and payroll services.
  • Financial Statements — If you intend on obtaining financing, you will probably need to give the lender financial statements. We can provide audits, reviews and compilations depending on the level of assurance needed.
  • Tax planning and tax preparation — Paying too much in taxes or filing an erroneous return is detrimental to your business. Our tax team helps you get every benefit you deserve with accurate filings. Then, if the IRS audits you, we provide dependable support that takes much of the pain out of the process.

For all your business accounting needs, Breon & Associates provides efficiency and accuracy, along with the knowledge you need to build a better business.

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Keys to success in the transportation and warehousing industry

There are currently many external drivers of success for this sector of the economy, leading analysts to predict steady growth. According to IBISWorld, consumer spending is expected to grow at two percent annually through 2023, creating a greater demand for manufactured goods which must be transported and stored. Additionally, consumers will spend more on vacation travel, which will be very good for operators of airlines, passenger railways, and car services. We can also expect greater manufacturing output within the United States due to sweeping changes in the tax code. Finally, the fracking revolution has made U.S. oil and natural gas more plentiful and cheaper to produce, so fuel costs will be less affected by Middle East turmoil than in the past.

Those externals are all very favorable, but how you conduct operations internally is also vitally important. IBISWorld identifies 250 factors for business success, but lists the following among the most important for companies in the transportation and warehousing sector:

  • Having a good reputation — Given the level of competition in this sector, reputation acts as a major point of differentiation. In our practice, we help businesses optimize efficiencies so they can provide better service and value. We also help companies develop ethics programs that incentivize employees to demonstrate the company’s positive values.
  • Carrying out all necessary maintenance to keep facilities in good condition — Keeping your facilities in good condition shows your commitment to safety and security. An audit of your processes by our team of efficiency experts can uncover obstacles to this important goal.
  • Compliance with government regulations — Industries in this sector are highly regulated and face liability for failures of compliance. Breon & Associates helps companies identify where they are at risk of noncompliance, either from inefficiencies or ethical blind spots, so they can take the proper steps to manage risk and limit liability.

This industry sector is highly competitive, so your processes must be at least as good as your competitors. Breon & Associates has extensive experience working within this sector. Harrisburg is a major transportation and warehousing hub, due to the intersection of Interstate highways and rail lines, not to mention pipelines serving the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions. For more than 25 years, we have served business throughout the Harrisburg area, so we have industry specific knowledge we bring to our accounting and auditing services. We know what other players in your industry are doing, and we use that knowledge to show you how to attain and surpass industry standards.

Contact our Harrisburg Accountants serving the transportation and warehouse industry

Breon & Associates helps companies engaged in transportation and warehousing to enhance the efficiencies of their business processes and protect themselves from losses due to fraud and liability. Call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.

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