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Training Courses Designed and Taught by Experts

Practical information that’s consequential for your organization

At Breon and Associates, we’re on a mission to provide people the knowledge they need to succeed. We are credentialed experts in the subjects we teach, but we also convey practical business knowledge. The courses we offer don’t fill time with excessive theory; we instruct participants in concrete, decisive steps to enhance their organizations and themselves.

Essential topics for every business

In today’s global economy, businesses have little room for error. Our training programs provide critical tools for enhancing organizational profitability, efficiency, improving company culture, and eliminating lapses that create opportunities for fraud, waste & abuse. However, the most important thing we do is help you and your employees grow. The topics we teach include:

General Accounting & Financial Reporting – If your accounting is a little rusty or perhaps new employees need a refresher or there is a new accounting pronouncement that you need help understanding, we can lend a hand. We blend our academic skillsets with our real-world experience to make debits and credits make sense. We can help you bring the numbers together.

Fraud prevention and detection – We train participants to assess controls within business processes, and to evaluate the human beings behind those controls, giving appropriate scrutiny to individuals who fit the profiles of fraudulent actors. Courses concentrate on:

  • Fraud and internal audit
  • Purchasing fraud
  • Forensic accounting
  • Fraud risk management
  • Anti-fraud strategies for organizations

Through use of real-life fraud simulations taken from actual cases, these courses teach proven techniques that participants can immediately apply on the job.

Investigations – If you suspect something is amiss, how do you proceed? We teach techniques for quietly gathering information without violating workplace rights, alarming your workforce, or tipping off the bad actors. We suggest timelines for notifying your legal department and when you might involve law enforcement.

Internal audit – Understanding whether your organization will meet its strategic goals and objectives is critical. Nobody likes surprises. For the uninitiated, we begin with a detailed presentation of internal audit fundamentals. For participants looking to hone their skills, we teach how to design an effective audit, how to develop and use “soft skills” (i.e., people smarts) in an audit, and all about red flags of fraud. For our advanced participants, we off a Chief Audit Executive Round Table, which features high level topics, such as:

  • Board insights and reporting
  • Annual risk analysis
  • Staffing matters

A distinctive feature of our courses are the case studies that vividly illustrate common problems with internal audits.

Governance and ethics – Because we believe that an ethically grounded company operates more efficiently, produces better products and services, attracts and retains talented workers, enjoys better customer relations, and is far less vulnerable to fraud, we offer various courses on building a positive company culture through responsible governance. We teach participants how to build a company-wide ethics program from the bottom up, how to harness the power of the HR department to instill company values, how to better ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and how to set a positive tone throughout the organization.

Given the wealth of our instructors’ knowledge and experience, we are able to specifically tailor courses to an organization’s needs.

Live learning with a genuine purpose

Our team teaches live in the classroom, not virtually. Ever notice how ‘virtual’ means ‘almost’ or ‘not really’? Like, “He’s a virtual genius,” or “She’s a virtual superstar.” Virtual means there’s room for doubt. So then why settle for virtual education? If you’re looking for classes that can make a difference for your organization and will give you a return on your investment, choose in class learning, where there’s genuine interaction with a sense of urgency and a focus on results.

Let Breon & Associates provide the training your company needs for optimum efficiency

Breon & Associates provides a wide range of training courses designed to help businesses improve businesses, elevate the culture, and minimize the opportunity for fraud, waste and abuse. With offices in Harrisburg and South Central PA, Breon & Associates provides business, accounting and tax services throughout Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Florida. To learn more about our on-site course offerings, call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.

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