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Experienced Harrisburg Accountants Assist with QuickBooks for Small Businesses

Patient, knowledgeable professionals help you get the most from your software

If you own a small business and you want to keep your accounts in order from your desktop, Intuit’s QuickBooks is the most highly recommended software program. Reviewers praise its user interface and navigation, its flexibility and customizability. However, the program is not easy to comprehend if you’re not an accountant and even poses difficulties for some accountants. So, you might be asking yourself: Are you getting the full bang for your buck? If you don’t take naturally to technology, and you don’t have time to poke around, experimenting with the many features, you may only scratch the surface of the program. In that case, you’re not getting the full benefit and you’re overpaying. Fortunately, at Breon & Associates, our team members are facile with all levels of Intuit’s QuickBooks. We provide hands-on tutorials to get you fully up to speed. In no time at all, you’ll be an expert and your business will benefit from the abundant performance data you now have at your fingertips.

Common problems users encounter with QuickBooks

Novices who use QuickBooks soon learn the truth of the old adage: “To err is human, to really screw things up requires a computer.” Mistakes setting up QuickBooks and in early implementation will inevitably ripple through your accounting, creating inordinate problems that leave you longing for an abacus. Common problems for which clients seek our assistance include:

  • Messy and unmanageable chart of accounts — If you’re lost in a sea of accounts, it’s impossible to record a transaction properly. The data you enter can be easily misapplied, crediting the wrong account.
  • Overgrown “Items” list — Are you accounting for products you no longer sell? Do you know the amount in stock? Are the prices correct? A methodical cleanup takes time, but it’s time well spent.
  • Poor use or no use of the Purchase Order System — This function provides the data you need to exercise proper control over purchasing. With it you can create purchase orders, check payment and receipt of items you’ve purchased, and reconcile purchases with inventory. But if you’re not using this function, you’re missing the opportunity to monitor potential spending problems.
  • Failing to reconcile your bank account and credit cards — By conducting a monthly review of transactions against bank and credit card account entries, you can improve controls in your procurement process and your cash flow.
  • Incorrectly applying deposits to the invoices and payments to bills — Suddenly you can’t tell which customers have paid you and which vendors you still need to pay.

Frustration over these issues can mount in a hurry, but where can you go for answers?

Where can you turn when you have a problem with QuickBooks?

Even the best user manuals for computer applications seem to be written in a foreign language. But these days, you don’t even get a book. The manual is online, so you can’t even mark the page as you try to apply the instructions to your screen. There are also plenty of articles and forums offering help, but you can search for hours before you find one that is relevant to your problem and actually offers a solution.

A better option is to contact Breon & Associates for personalized assistance. If you are in our local area, a knowledgeable member of our team can come to your office and give you a private tutorial. We offer help by phone as well with computer to computer hook up that allows long-distance collaboration. We can solve a new issue that’s popped up, or begin with the very basics of preferences, report settings, user logins, permissions, and passwords. Why face hours or even days of frustration — with its associated costs — when a friendly and knowledgeable professional is only a phone call away?

Contact Breon & Associates for quick QuickBooks instruction

There’s no point paying for a software program if you can’t take full advantage of its features. Let Breon & Associates get you up-to-speed with personal tutorials geared towards your business needs. With offices in Harrisburg and South Central PA, Breon & Associates provides business, accounting and tax services throughout Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Florida. Call us at 1-888-516-8476 or 717-273-8626, or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.

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